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GIS Resource Mapping

As the majority of our work possesses a geographic component, GIS is integral to our projects and as a result we have highly developed data handling, database management and mapping expertise and capabilities.

GIS Dataset Management

GIS stores and manipulates datasets all the various geographic data sets (ecological, oceanographic and engineering data) allowing AQUAFACT to interface, manage, interrogate and analyse the multiple data layers and contribute substantially to the decision making process. When dealing with complex projects that require large amounts of data acquisition, GIS is an essential tool supporting numerous data formats which allows the project team to visualise the multiple associated data layers simultaneously. During the course of the project, GIS is a central tool providing the client with valuable mapping resources and allowing its users to ultimately contribute substantial benefits to the decision making process. Furthermore, the resulting GIS database is a valuable asset, which can be updated throughout the operational life of the project and can act as a template for future such similar projects.