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6.8m RIB
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Water current rose presenting recorded velocity and direction data over a tidal period
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Aquadopp Meter
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Nortek AWAC


AQUAFACT’s surveying capabilities include:

  • Drogue and dye studies, direct or remote recording of currents and tidal amplitude
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Meteorological data recording
  • Physical and chemical water sampling and analysis

Marine and freshwater sites present complex challenges that require the technological tools and expertise to survey such habitats as bays, estuaries, wetlands and coastlines. We deliver practical, problem-solving solutions and have established a strong reputation in surveying such habitats.

Operating in coastal to open waters, our purpose fitted 6.8 m R.I.B or 5 m Zodiac inflatable are equipped with the latest equipment to provide hydrographic survey services that include:

  • Harbour maintenance
  • River, lake and estuary surveys
  • Dredging and engineering surveys

Equipped with a precision echosounder using a six axis solid-state accelerometer with calculated output of integrated heave, pitch and roll measurements and DGPS system, our survey team can produce +/- 0.025 m accuracy in water depths ranging from 30cm to 80m. Dynamic horizontal positioning for the survey boat is typically achieved by means of Differential Global Positioning, which delivers precise, homogenous and continuous navigational output over the entire study area to <30 cm accuracy. Increased accuracy (2 cm) can be achieved using Real Time Kinematic (RTK) differential GPS positioning allowing the vessel to work in any location via the use of a mobile base station.

Our reports are easy to interpret and include colour coded contouring at any required interval in the client’s outlined proposals and designs in AutoCAD or other required formats. All data can be incorporated into hydrographic model or GIS databases.

AQUAFACT has a large pool of recording and sampling equipment that is continuously being updated to keep abreast of current trends. A range of direct reading and remotely recording current profilers, that operate at various frequencies to optimise accuracies at different depth profiles and recording intervals, are chosen to give the best available data set for a clients requirements.

Nortek AWAC and Aquadopp meters on dedicated bottom frames are used to automatically record water current profiles and wave characteristics.

AQUAFACT has longstanding involvement in marine water quality monitoring. Various parameters can be measured either by direct measurement deploying suitable probes (e.g. temperature, conductivity, turbidity, oxygen, etc) or from water samples collected for laboratory analysis (e.g. microbiology, nutrients, metals, hydrocarbons etc).


  • Bathymetric survey and current profile at Rossaveal disposal at sea site
  • Two year deployment of a wave, current profiler and tide recorder in Galway Bay as part of the Galway Harbour Development
  • Pre-dredging bathymetric surveys in Rosslare Port
  • Current profiling in numerous locations around the country including Larne Lough Co. Antrim, Strandhill Co. Sligo, Lough Atalia Galway City, Kish & Bray Banks Irish Sea, Killibegs Harbour Co. Donegal, River Shannon 
  • Bathymetric survey and current profile of Newry River, Warrenpoint Road Development
  • Current profile and tidal elevation measurements for model validation for dredge disposal site, Derry Port Authority
  • Bathymetric survey, current profile and tidal measurements, Dingle Harbour dredging project, Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources
  • Current profiles to compare offshore fishfarm sites in Kilkieran Bay, Co. Galway.