AQUAFACT International Services Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company and was founded in 1986 by individuals with a long established involvement in environmentally related areas within the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). Since its foundation, it has accrued a wide range of clients from the State, Semi-State and Private sectors. AQUAFACT is part of a recently formed consortium of Irish groups with aquaculture expertise which will target the international sector for contracts. This group, called the Irish Waterfood and Aquaculture Technology Exporters (ISATE), includes economists, net and cage fabricators, environmental scientists and computer modellers. AQUAFACT is currently working to International Standards and is the first environmental Consultancy to be accredited with an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.


The directors are closely associated with NUIG and are holders of higher degrees, including Ph.D.'s, in relevant disciplines. Dr. Brendan O'Connor and Dr. John Costelloe (RIP) head up the team, who between them, have accumulated over 80 years of active involvement in environmental R & D. AQUAFACT springs directly from a tradition of involvement in both marine, fresh water and terrestrial research. The Company was formed in response to an increasing national and international awareness of the need to understand, develop, manage and protect the environment. In terms of the spread of expertise resident in its directors, its well-established contacts with the scientific community at home and abroad and its enduring association with NUIG, AQUAFACT offers a suite of services, which was hitherto unavailable in Ireland and even elsewhere in the E.U.


AQUAFACT has had the opportunity of working with various European Institutes through the directors' extensive network of academic contacts. This has led to collaboration with French (Laboratoire Marine, Roscoff, Laboratoire Marine, Dinard, Laboratoire Marine, Banyuls, University of Perpignan, University of Rouen), Italian (University of Genoa, University of Ferrara), Spanish (University of Barcelona, Marine Institute, La Coruña), Greek (University of Athens, Marine Institute of Crete), Swedish (University of Christineberg), Norwegian (Akva-Plan, Tromso), German (Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, GeoMar, Kiel), Dutch (Marine Institute, Yerseke), Portuguese (University of Lisbon), U.S. (SAIC, Marine Institute of Virginia) and U.K. (University of North Wales, Welsh Museum, Cardiff, Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory and Waters, Oban, Scotland, Unico Marine, Hartfordshire, University of Hull, University of Southampton, CEFAS (MAFF)) groups.

This collaboration varied from working with one Institute on a single topic to interrelationships with a number of groups on more complex questions. These interdisciplinary projects involved coordination and technical meetings both prior to and during the execution of the study. Some of these projects were E.U. co-funded projects under the aegis of DG XII (MAST) or DG XIV (FAIR) and Euromarge while others were projects funded by national research projects.