The Company currently employs 9 full-time, 2-4 part time and a range of consultants covering a wide range of disciplines. Our staff has extensive industrial and research experience, possess an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the terrestrial and aquatic environments, are fully competent in all current environmental assessment methods and are active in further development and refinement of such techniques and their applications.

Brendan O'Connor, Ph.D. Managing director of AQUAFACT. Brendan specialises in the biology and ecology of water-floor communities. He was formerly Assistant Director of NUIG’s Benthos Research Group and has been associated with the drafting, management and reporting of all AQUAFACT's contracts. He was a member of the board of the Marine Institute for a 5 year term.


Mark Costelloe, Ph.D. Technical Manager in AQUAFACT. Mark has experience as a lecturer and course co-ordinator with the Aquaculture Diploma and MSc. courses in the Shellfish Research Laboratory, Carna, under the auspices of NUIG. He participated in the management team in the commissioning of a shrimp farm in Kenya. As technical manager at AQUAFACT he is responsible for managing project groups and ensuring that quality procedures are adhered to. He also has a high level of expertise in parasitic lice biology and ecology.

Eddie McCormack, Ph.D. Senior Biologist in AQUAFACT. A benthic ecologist with expertise in arthropod taxonomy. Eddie specialises in the taxonomy of polychaetes, molluscs and crustaceans, with particular emphasis on Copepoda. Within AQUAFACT, Eddie is primarily involved in the identification of faunal species.

Kevin McCaffrey, M.Sc. Biologist in AQUAFACT. Kevin holds a B.Sc. in Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology from GMIT and an M.Sc in Environmental Sustainability from UCD. He is an ecologist experienced in freshwater, marine and terrestrial surveying, freshwater invertebrate taxonomy, the Q-value scheme and SSRS.

Hugh O'Sullivan, MRes Biologist and Scientific Diver in AQUAFACT. Hugh is a graduate of B.Sc (Hons) Marine Science from NUIG and MRes (Hons) Applied Marine Science from Plymouth University. Hugh has experience in benthic habitat mapping, scientific diving, fisheries biology and port sampling of demersal, pelagic and benthic marine species including teh tagging of elasmobranchs. Hugh is a JNCC approved Marine Mammal Observer.

Tom Rea, B.Sc Biologist in AQUAFACT. Tom holds a B.Sc in Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology. Tom's specialisation is in the area of marine benthic invertebrates, intertidal and subtidal survey techniques, water sampling and sediment analysis techniques.

Kevin O'Keeffe, B.Sc Biologist in AQUAFACT. Kevin holds a B.Sc in Applied Freshwater & Marine Biology from GMIT and he operates the shellfish processing section of the Marine Institute's Biotoxin laboratory in Oranmore.

Helen Diskin Helen is responsible for office management and the implementation and auditing of ISO9001:2000 in-house quality system.


  • Dr. Dave McGrath, GMIT, Ecologist.
  • Dr. Niall Brady, The Archaeological Diving Company Ltd., Archaeologist.
  • Dr. Anthony Cawley, Hydro Environmental, Marine Engineer.
  • Dr. Martin O’Farrell, Aztec Limited.
  • Dr. Marinus Otte, N.U.I. Dublin, Botanist.
  • Dr. Bernard Picton, Ulster Museum, Marine Taxonomy.
  • Dr. Don Rhodes, SAIC, Sediment Profile Imagery Development.
  • Dr. Cilian Roden, Galway - based Marine and Terrestrial Botanist
  • Dr. Emer Rogan, Coastal Zone Institute, N.U.I. Cork., Marine Zoology and Cetaceans.
  • Dr. Michelene Sheehy-Skeffington, N.U.I. Galway, Terrestrial Botanist.
  • Dr. Martin White, N.U.I. Galway, Oceanographer.
  • Dr. Ian O'Connor, GMIT, Bird Survey Specialist.